G.H. Mickey Thompson

Welcome to my life. While I intend to get more sociable as time allows, I have a somewhat obsessive mission that motivates my drive to assemble this web site. Since the end of 1998 I’ve been focused on what looks like a flaw in cosmology’s most favored model of big bang theory.

To casual followers of cosmic theory, the big bang was a magical or miraculous explosion that created the universe, some 13.8 billion years ago. Serious cosmologists, however, believe we’ll one-day discover the logical workings of physics that explain all of the wondrous behaviors of the universe. If God enters into this creation picture, then scientists who are comfortable with that prospect are able to accept that God created the laws of physics, but he never violates them by performing feats of magic that overrule those laws. This is the perspective I’ll be supporting in my writings. I hope to delve more deeply into my personal philosophy later, but for now my focus will be on the natural and tangible behaviors of the universe; integrating what we observe with what we know about nature’s laws.

Those who don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on such things may be inclined to ask, what’s so important about cosmic theory? Science, in general, drives the evolution of civilization and, philosophically, our perception of the universe provides the foundation for our long-term beliefs. It especially affects our view as to whether life is a temporary and local, or a permanent and global, feature of the universe. My model favors the latter.

For me, the urgency of the matter is more tangible than philosophical. Researchers spend billions of dollars and millions of man years heading down what appears to me to be a blind alley. While there are thousands of scientists and researchers who share my view, others have not yet provided a convincing hypothesis of what is wrong or how to fix it.

One urgency is my own mortality. I fear I may leave this earth before sharing the fruits of my lifelong harvest. As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Hopefully, many will find my writings worth examining. While it’s not important if my whole life gets examined, it’s important to me that any useful discoveries I’ve made get passed on to posterity.

It’s a bit egotistical to suggest I’ve seen things that better trained eyes didn’t notice. Perhaps I just looked where others have not yet ventured. I’ve been prospecting in mountains of scientific data for more than 60 years, so my odds of stumbling over a nugget or two are fairly high.

My initial posting is a serious effort to invite scholarly people everywhere to examine the logic and unique perspective I offer on the subject of big bang theory.

If you’re interested in such a venture, just click on Alternative Big Bang Paradigm.


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